Warranty Terms and Conditions

Road Master Autotech Pvt Ltd
Industrial Area - C, Sua Road, Dhandari, Kalan,
Near Mahalaxmi Dharam Kanta,
Ludhiana - 141010 , Punjab, India
Tel. : 0161 251 1055

ROAD MASTER AUTOTECH PVT LTD (Company thereafter) warrants to the purchaser / user / customer (Customer thereafter) of this ROAD MASTER CYCLE, that for a period as listed:-

Part Name (Warranty period commencing from the date of purchase)
Frame 1 Year
Fork 1 Year
Freewheel 6 Months
Handle 6 Months
Pedal 6 Months
Hub Rear 6 Months
Hub Front 6 Months
BB Axel 6 Months
Chain 6 Months
Chain wheel 6 Months
Rim 6 Months
Tyre and Tube 6 Months

Company shall repair or replace free of charge for above parts of the ROAD MASTER CYCLE till defined time period. The warranty will be provided in case the defect/s is /are due to faulty material only. This warranty will be governed by the following clauses: -

  • The Company or their Authorised Dealer / Agent will repair / replace all the parts those are failing due to faulty material for this ROAD MASTER CYCLE .
  • Only the Company or its Authorised Dealer / Agent can repair / service or assemble / reassemble this ROAD MASTER CYCLE and it shall be customers’ / purchaser responsible to bring the faulty part / cycle to our dealers’ / agents’ premises.
  • This warranty does not cover corrosive plastic PVC and rubber components or the accessories in plastic / glass / rubber adding to the decorative value of the cycle.
  • Photocopy of sales invoice will be sent to ROAD MASTER CYCLE along with defective parts / cycle.

This warranty is not applicable in any of the following conditions:

  • Any repair work is carried out by persons other than Authorized Company dealer / personnel.
  • The warranty stands null and void if the Serial no./ identification code deleted or defaced.
  • This ROAD MASTER CYCLE is for normal daily usage and any special equipment / accessories added by the customer, through an unauthorized / Authorized Dealer / personnel with an intention to enhance / after the performance / speed / comfort of the cycle, is not included in this warranty. In the event of any such alteration or addition, the warranty will stand null and void.
  • If photocopy of sales invoice not received with defective parts / cycle, warranty will be counted since date of manufacturing till define time period as above or as per company decision.